Industrial Holding Bulgaria is in Varna by sea and land


“Bulport Logistics” AD

"One of the biggest challenges for Bulport Logistics, part of Industrial Holding Bulgaria, is to be useful for the people of Varna by providing comfortable office and warehouse space close to the city centre. But not just filled square meters, but spaces built or renovated with an eye to the new, the development and prosperity of our city - says the company's CEO Radostin Kostadinov. - It takes money and people with vision and ideas about what we can contribute to the future to improve a large area. Last year, Bulport modernised two more production and storage facilities. All of them, including the Bulport Business Building and the surrounding area, received a positive environmental assessment that meets international standards.

The installation of a new two-connector fast charging station for electric vehicles is also underway. It has a charging capacity of 150 to 200 kilowatts, with the capacity to service up to two vehicles simultaneously.

The Bulport harbour also contributes to the maritime vision of the city, where you will find a berth for your boat, you will be able to renovate and prepare it for the season yourself or with the help of experienced professionals. Located opposite the Marine Station, with excellent wind and wave protection, with services provided at competitive prices, the port is a preferred location for visiting yachts, boats, catamarans.

With the increase and modernization of boat berths on water and on land, we strive to offer the best conditions for our customers, explains Radostin Kostadinov. Here, the sailing yacht "Espresso Martini" with skipper Pavlin Nadvorni is being prepared for a round-the-world tour. It will set sail on the town's holiday on August 15. The circumnavigation is part of the Global Solo Challenge for lone sailors."

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