“Bulport Logistics” AD steadily develops and expands its activities, a prerequisite for which are both the solid material base and the good logistical assurance, as well as the high quality of the services provided by the Company, the successfully implemented projects and, last but not least, the dedicated work of its employees.
 Here you can find our already implemented projects, which are constantly growing in numbers, as well as understand what the new ideas we are working on are.

Bulport Business Building is one of the latest major and already fully implemented projects of “Bulport Logistics” AD. In this modern and functional office building, we have put a lot of energy and thought into the comfortable and effective occupancy of all its tenants and guests.

The Bulport business building is a completely renovated office building provided with modern technological solutions, which is located in a key location for the town of Varna - in the region of the Port of Varna and in the close proximity of the city centre. The good location, the the 24/7 high-level physical security and the availability of parking facilities make it an attractive place to build a successful business environment.

The office building has five above-ground floors, on which are situated modern offices for rent. Multiple separate offices are situated on the first floor, on the other floors the offices are of the "open space" type, enabling smaller or larger office areas to be developed (partitioning up to two offices on one floor), depending on the tenants' preferences.

In Bulport Business Building the tenants receive spacious premises in which they can freely distribute the work stations within a single office. The office building is entirely oriented to the benefit of its occupants, offering a number of advantages, accompanying services and conveniences. With us, you can concentrate entirely on your business, because everything else will be taken care of, at an affordable and competitive price.

NEW OFFICE PREMISES AVAILABLE FOR RENT - we want to provide our current and future customers and tenants with more spacious, bright and comfortable office rental areas that best meet the high criteria for a functional and pleasant working environment and quality services.