The management of Bulport Business Building is carried out by its owner - “Bulport Logistics” AD. The company is a subsidiary of “INDUSTRIAL HOLDING BULGARIA” AD, which in turn manages a portfolio of companies.
 In the Board of Directors of “Bulport Logistics” AD are:
-> Maria Biserova Georgieva – member of the Board of Directors;
-> Rositsa Emilova Lefterova – member of the Board of Directors;
-> Radostin Plamenov Kostadinov – Executive Director

Thanks to its carefully developed business strategy, “Bulport Logistics” AD successfully builds a team that combines young and at the same time experienced experts and employees. Each of them combines extensive knowledge in their field with professional experience, providing our clients with reliable and creative solutions to meet their needs.

Our goal is for the name Bulport Business Building to always be synonymous with quality, comfort and security, and for our employees to successfully meet the requirements and individual needs of our clients and partners.
The high quality of our services, the compliance with the agreed conditions and deadlines for the implementation of the projects we realize, earn on our side the loyalty of our clients and build the good image and high competitiveness of “BULPORT LOGISTICS” AD.
Since its establishment in 2008, the company has had long-established business contacts and stable partnerships with many Bulgarian and foreign companies, experts and organizations.


The company is betting on three constructive principles - responsibility, professionalism and loyalty.


“Bulport Logistics” AD performs the following activities:
- warehouse and logistics;
- brokerage and agency of vessels;
- repair, maintenance and renovation of small vessels;
- purchase or acquisition otherwise of vessels;
- ownership, use, operation, rental of vessels;
- construction, repair, sale or disposal otherwise of vessels;
- operation of piers, ports, warehouses and facilities for the storage of goods and items;
- commercial representation and mediation;
- consulting services, as well as any other activity not prohibited by law


Social responsibility towards the employees
Despite the extremely volatile economic conditions, the company always makes efforts to ensure a favourable working environment for its employees. “Bulport Logistics” AD carries out career planning activities by organizing and conducting trainings of its employees.

Social responsibility towards the environment
An organization has been set up at the Bulport Business Building and separate waste collection of paper, plastic, glass, batteries and plastic caps supporting charity campaigns is efficiently carried out.

Charity work
The company supports charitable activities and participates in a number of campaigns to help disadvantaged people.