Bulport Business Building is located in Southern Industrial Zone, town of Varna. It is part of the territory of the port complex of the city, in which the largest port of Bulgaria is located.
Near the territory of “Bulport Logistics” AD is also the centre of the city (2-3 minutes by car and 10 minutes walking distance), which is reached through Hristo Botev Blvd., and in the opposite direction is the main road E87, “Cherno more” Motorway.
Across the southern part of our “sea capital", the so-called lake road (Devnya Str.) is passing, which is a convenient and fast route to different points of the town.
The railway station (5 min by car) and Varna airport (15-20 min by car) are also near the business building.

In the close proximity of Bulport Business Building is also a bus stop of the bus lines 10 (railway station and "Cveten“ district), 12 ( “Asparuhovo” district, Centre, “St. Marina”, “Breeze” residential area - bus roundabout), 13 ( Centre and “Levski” district), 17 (Centre and railway station), 17a (from “Galata” district to "Breeze” residential area), 25, 28 ( Centre, “Chayka” district and the villages of: Kamenar, Osenovo, Kumanovo, Kichevo, etc.), 33 (Centre, “Levski” district to the village of Kichevo), 36, 37, 43 ( “Asparuhovo” district, Centre, “Kaysieva gradina” district, the villages of: Yarebichna, Vaglen, Ignatievo, Slanchevo, Lyuben Karavelovo, Vodina, Zasmyano, town of Aksakovo), 42, 46, 48, 49 ( “Asparuhovo” district, Centre, “Kaysieva gradina” district, town of Aksakovo and the nearby villages), 52 (Botevo village), 54 ( on “Vladislav” Blvd., town of Aksakovo, the villages of: Izvorsko, Zasmyano and others), 55 and 60, 122 as well as environmentally friendly trolley 88 ( “Asparuhovo” district, Centre, “Vazrazhdane“ district and “Vl. Varnenchik” district).
Towards the centre of the city are the Lukoil Gas Station, Fulmax Mall, Golden Tulip Hotel, Kaufland Supermarket, and the offices of various banks.