Caps collection campaign

“Bulport Logistics” AD and in particular the Bulport Business Building actively support charitable activities and participate in a number of campaigns that support hospitals and disadvantaged people.
We are proud to inform you that on the territory of the Bulport Business Building, in addition to a battery collection bin, a plastic cap collection installation is now in place.

The Bulport Business Building is a key office building in the town of Varna which, in addition to offering its tenants excellent working and business conditions, also provides the opportunity to participate in the charity campaign for the collection of plastic caps of the Association "I Believe and Help".
All tenants of offices and guests of the business building can now leave their plastic caps in the specially built installation.

Due to its active work, “Bulport Logistics” AD now holds a certificate of gratitude for personal engagement, social responsibility and contribution to the development of the campaign for collection of plastic caps.

The purpose of the charity campaign of the "I Believe and Help" Association is to collect all unnecessary plastic caps in Varna District and hand them over for recycling. The collected funds will be used for the purchase of medical equipment for the neonatology departments at SHGNHAT “Prof. Dr. Dimitar Stamatov - Varna” and MHAT "Sveta Anna - Varna".
The campaign has been extremely successful and has already collected over 118 tonnes of plastic caps, providing funds for the donation of 11 medical apparatuses.

In order to successfully engage in the campaign, it is necessary to leave your unnecessary, well washed, dry and clean plastic caps in the installation operating on the territory of the Bulport Business Building. We have the commitment and responsibility to complete and deliver the collected caps to the pre-announced campaign points.

For “Bulport Logistics” AD, the Bulport Business Building is not only a project or another investment, but also an opportunity to express our social responsibility and commitment. We believe that developing your business means achieving not only economically successful goals, but also looking for all possible positive effects - environmentally friendly, social, motivating good practices.  We call on you to participate actively in our initiative to collect plastic caps, because thanks to our commitment, we can help save the lives of premature and new-born children at risk.