The Paradise for yachts - “Bulport Logistics” port in Varna, is expanding

Another 30 docks on water for motor and sailing yachts were opened after the installation of the new pontoon in the port of "Bulport Logistics“ AD (The Port). The total capacity of vessels stored in the water thus exceeds 50.

“Bulport Logistics” AD - part of “Industrial Holding Bulgaria” AD, is located in the Port Complex, in the Southern industrial zone of the town of Varna. The quiet environment is particularly striking - due to its location in the Varna Lake area, the waters in the port are extremely calm and the owners have no reason to worry about their favourite vessels, in the event of a storm or other inappropriate weather conditions.

Here are some of the services the Port provides:
- physical security - 24 hours a day;
- video surveillance;
- access to electricity and water, on any boathouse;
- the possibility of repairs on the yachts, as well as painting, at the designated sites;
- covered berth for repair of vessels, up to 60 m in length and up to 1500 tonnes;
- a winter hall, as well as the possibility of building small vessels in the production halls;
- storing yachts out of the water by means of shelving equipment;
- slips for lowering and lifting yachts in and out of the water;
- forklift that can lift yachts up to 10 tons;
- parking lot, free WiFi access, for all guests;
- newly built gazebo with barbecue

Each owner of a vessel that has concluded a contract with "Bulport Logistics“ AD receives a special pass that gives them access to the Port. This further guarantees strict control of the site and the safety of the yachts.